When space is limited and there is a need to maximise your storage, where does it all go? Certainly, modern technology can conflict with a period setting, but there is no limit to what you can do.

Your traditional scullery cupboard suddenly houses your media.


 and the rest!





The boardroom was a blank canvas.


  So, I created my laminated doors and the technology
was neatly hidden within.





Alcoves are great places to develop

This side for toy storage.....

....and this side for media.




A blanked out window....          

    ....became a very useful crystal cabinet.




This alcove became a most hospitable drinks cabinet.





This alcove became a storage and display cabinet, with adjustable shelves, drawer and a limed oak finish.




This desk has two workstations.....       

       .....with an abundance of filing storage.




This wine storage was constructed to house 380 bottles, half of them concealed.....

.....using the shape of the room to its maximum.











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