I thoroughly enjoyed the television work. It's driven, hectic and always has a sense of the unexpected. I first started as a guest on Tommy Walsh's 'Space Invaders' and then 'Trading Places'. This lead to the series 'The Reclaimers', where I co-presentd with Tommy Walsh.


Tom and me on location with owners Jean and Alan of North Shropshire Reclamation.

I was then approached by the BBC and found myself in 'Real Rooms' with Catherine Rayward. 'House Call' came along - talk about manic!

I became Tommy Walsh's 'Second Willy' when I was guest carpenter on Ground Force.....


.....which led to me working with Charlie Dimmock as ambassadors for Nordic Timber, supporting the management of sustainable timber stocks.

There was 'Grass Roots', with presenter Bridget Jackson, 'Domestic Magic' with Alsion Cork and, for my sins, Channel 4's 'Naughtiest Bloomers', demonstrating the pitfalls of not constructing your sentences properly!


I have written articles that have appeared in 'Your Garden', 'The New Wood Worker' and 'The Router'.








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